• Lotte Cinema
Being the third movie theater in the system with 5 modern screening rooms (848 seats), Lotte Cinema Landmark Hanoi is the first in Hanoi with synchronous equipment system and distinctive design which promises to satisfy all movie lovers.

Lotte Cinema Landmark proudly owns the largest 3D screening room in Vietnam with 3D RealD technology bringing viewers the most wonderful movie experience through exclusive screens as well as impressive 4-way sound system regardless position.

At Lotte Cinema Landmark, there are not only the whole-hearted and friendly staffs crew but also elegant facilities such as restroom for the disabled, baby seat to elevate children and so forth, all of these things will please any customers.

With the purpose of giving customers the most benefits, Lotte Cinema Landmark Hanoi is leading the way to become the favorite movie theater in Hanoi
Lotte Cinema
F5 ~ 6F